Finding my Apartment

The apartment is located on Street 118 but the entry is on Street 15. Please note it is located on the 5th floor accessed by a safe and clean stairwell off a short alley. There is no lift/elevator, so if you require help with your luggage please let me know and I will assist you.

From Phnom Penh Airport you can get a prepaid taxi for $12 or a tuk tuk for $7. Tell the driver you want to go to Riverside at the corner of Street 118 and Street 15.

When you arrive at the corner of Streets 118 and 15 you will see a construction site on the corner where they recently demolished a very sweet 100 year old Chinese building. Head towards Dara Motorcycles on Street 15.

At Dara Motorcycles you'll see a metal gateway to the left. This is the entry to the alley. There's usually a banana seller right in front of the alley in the mornings as seen in this picture.

Head straight down the alley almost to the end and you'll see two doorways on your left; one of which has a brown staircase. Number 87 is marked just inside the stairway entrance.

Climb the stairs all the way to the glass door at the top, and you have found my apartment!

If you need assistance with your bags you can contact me from the street. Call or message me on +855 96 7704883 (SMS/Whatsapp/Viber).